So, you and your companion have spent many years chasing yarn balls or laser lights, running woodland trails or sitting in duck blinds and before you know it they’re a senior.

We still perform the same comprehensive exam today as we did on your very first visit to the clinic, but because their medical needs have changed we change the focus of our concerns. From now on, on an annual basis, we will do geriatric complete blood counts and serum profiles. With these blood tests we determine problems with red cells, white cells and platelets ( that help clotting). We look at electrolytes, liver and kidney values, check for Diabetes and protein problems. By establishing a baseline at 8 years old we can monitor trends and be proactive in management and drug changes, ensuring a better quality of life.

Your geriatric cat will be have their blood pressure taken and be tested for the same CBC/profile as your dog; however, cats also are tested for hyperthyroidism, a common disease in older cats that robs them of years with you.

Of course, Dr Maria wants you to come with all your questions.