Operated by Baker Animal Clinic, so quality and care are the mainstays of the operation. Veterinarian on call during business hours.

OPEN 7:30 AM – 6 PM, M-F | 7:30 AM – 6 PM, SAT | CLOSED, SUNDAY

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Full service premier boarding facility and Day camp serving cats and dogs in Stillwater and the surrounding area.

Individual cat condos with a common play area featuring windows overlooking a butterfly garden and humming bird feeders. A cat tree and toys are provided.

Day camp and traditional boarding is available.

Also featuring indoor and outdoor play areas.

Webcams in each luxury suite so you can check on your camper at any time.

Classical music played at night to ease your boarder into rest.

Located just 4 miles from town,  5814 N Brush Creek Road.

In and out habitats in our First Class boarding

Living room accommodations in our Luxury suites.

P) 405/743-1414 

Complimentary Chauffeur service from Baker Animal Clinic to Stay & Play is available.

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Stay And Play Pet Resort